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GENG HUNG strictly keeps customer loyalty and reliable promise based on the safe and professional guardian. We focus on each detail from the design and follow the international certificates like TUV/GS to produce high-quality products. The careful and reliable verification is our basic requirement to quality. The self brand, GHBIKE, takes the child safety as the priority to design stable, safe and secure products. In the meantime, GENG HUNG is a professional company to not only produce the child safety seats but also possess the professional knowledge for the bicycles. With the experience on the design and manufacture for diversified products, GENG HUNG has involved in the bicycle industry many years to get familiar with safety ergonomics.


GENG HUNG, funded at Xiushui Township of Changhua County, Taiwan in 2005, provides the true service to our customers all the time. Our founder owns the experiences of developing the mold to understand each link of bicycle, and recognizes the requirement of industrial design to reach perfect riding quality. With the business concept of “Excellent Quality, Reasonable Price, and Cordial Service”, we develop successful products for many customers based on the deepness of design quality and the promotion of excellent service. Our products have been widely sold over the world.

GENG HUNG owns the full design and production chains. Not only child safety seats but also the bicycle accessories are produced. The services include the plastic injection forming and the mold design. The services with vertical integration cover from the product design to the production. The advanced equipment is updated at any time. From the shaping, drawing, molding, plastic injection, processing, assembly, package and shipment, GENG HUNG fully and carefully plans to provide the diversified service for our customers.



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全新台灣製造GHBIKE滾筒式訓練台; 特色:完美高規格流線設計,可摺疊收納不佔空間...

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GH-BIKE 滑步車所採用的材質優點在於耐久不變型之設計,滑步車使用的強化塑料..

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